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AI, 0 → 1

Suno makes it possible to go from idea to audio, thanks to new generative models—think “ChatGPT for music” (according to Rolling Stone). Feels Like partnered with Suno to introduce the Cambridge-based startup to the world, and accompanied the growing team to design what's next.

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Mind to Music

The Suno brand pairs rigorous, minimal graphics with playful expression. A new "S" mark with a distinctive wonk anchors the identity, repeated in patterns, frames, and illustrative elements. It’s a sine wave, a musical note, or an egg (iykyk), all at the same time. There's also a nod to the history of music: a moog-inspired typeface from Displaay serves as a link between the innovative past and future of music‑making.

Suno website walkthrough

A site that clicks opens with an array of our favorite songs, arranged in a circular dial that ticks as visitors scroll. It’s like radio, with text + music; each song a potential jumping off point for your own creations with Suno. We built the landing page with Next.js and Vercel, paired with our CMS of choice, Dato, for easy updating.

A heart and Suno minidisc purple illustration

More ways to make music

To help people make their first song with Suno, Feels Like is building new interfaces for making music with AI. We created an endearing send-a-song quiz for Valentine's day where anyone can put feelings to song — and worked on a mobile app experience we can't wait for you to try 🤭


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