Carolina Herrera

Making gifting magically accurate this holiday season with a trained AI-astrologist


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The Herrera Magical Zodiac campaign ushers in a revolutionary phase of e-commerce, merging AI with a hyper-personalized gifting experience.

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Upon providing their birth details, customers receive an AI-generated zodiac chart that explores the essence of their personality. This experience goes beyond ordinary horoscope predictions, leaning into the magic people find in discovering their zodiac personalities and linking them to beauty products that enhance their unique features. All this is seamlessly generated online through the aid of OpenAI's API and ChatGPT's expertise.

The results exceeded all expectations, with our AI-Astrologist delivering more than 6,000 personalised predictions in the first 2 weeks. We increased the conversion rate by 283% compared to the average, by offering spot-on product recommendations.. But most importantly, we created a unique brand experience that the Carolina Herrera community will never forget.