Product innovation and real-time graphics for Pixel

Real-time graphics

Google Pixel Cover

For over 6+ years, we’ve worked with the Pixel Team at Google to conceptualize and build interactive and generative Wallpapers. Each Wallpaper is a calming, delightful portrait of the technical smarts behind Pixel.

Google Pixel
Google Pixel

The majority of our live wallpapers reflect environmental shifts or the owner's activity. They bloom as you pick up your phone, sway in response to sound or breeze. Others transport you to a different place, and some are just plain fun.

Express yourself with emojis

Pick a pattern, colors, and a few of your favorite Emojis—and let Pixel do the rest. Collaborating with the Emoji team, we helped bring to life this one-of-a-kind, fully customizable wallpaper in rich interactions and animations. 

Animation showing the Emoji Live Wallpaper in action
Recording showing interactions of a single Emoji

Unfold the next generation

For Pixel Fold, we developed a custom video decoder, and hooked it up to the hinge of the folding device for a smooth playback that celebrates every opening.

Animation showing the wallpaper animating as the device folds

Transform your photos into cinematic scenes

Making people's photo backdrops more interesting by using image depth analysis to create subtle perspective shift, synchronized with interactions.

Google Pixel
Animation showing the 3D data reconstructed from a photo

Wallpapers are a key part of our daily phone experience. By making them more dynamic and interesting, Google was able to positively impact the overall Pixel user experience – and brand perception. Feels Like continues to work on future versions.

Google Pixel


Direction, Design, Engineering: Feels Like and Google

Pixel 6 & Pixel Fold Photography: Andrew Zuckerman