A gamified geo-fenced phygital experience for Nike

GEO-fenced digital scavenger hunt

A gamified geo-fenced phygital experience for Nike GEo-fenced digital scavenger hunt

Nike asked us to create a bespoke online to offline activation on the ground through a gamified geo-fenced experience placed throughout the area of Chamonix - France, during the Finals of the UTMB World Series.

World map featuring Chamonix, France.

True to the brand values and the essence of Trail Running, we pushed people to move, get out of town, and experience the stunning natural surroundings of Chamonix. We provided participants with QR-code printed wristbands to access the web app at any point on any trail.

Showcasing the experience
Showcasing the experience
Running in Chamonix
The App Experience

The best views take effort

Like a scavenger hunt, participants were guided along a beautiful trail, using image recognition technology to find specific landmarks that, when scanned, unlocked a question related to Trail Running. The multiple-choice questions challenged participants, testing their knowledge and providing insight into the sport. Correctly answering the questions unlocked the next destination. The final location? A unique view of the Mont Blanc glacier.


The format made it accessible to a wide range of participants, from beginners to experienced runners, merging digital and physical solutions to show Nike’s approach to how technology fits within the world of physical movement.

Participants stayed more than 100 hours connected to the challenge, and the true reward was the experience itself, with the breathtaking views of Chamonix that they might not otherwise have discovered.